"How to Dress a Po' Boy" Video World Premiere on GeekDad

We were thrilled to have the world premiere of our video "How To Dress a Po’ Boy” on GeekDad posted by Jeff Cohen on December 3, 2018. Here is the video to enjoy -

We are unequivocally tickled to present the first video from the album Swamp Romp, A Louisiana Dance Party for Children, which will be released on February 15. "How to Dress a Po' Boy" is based on Johnette's book of the same name, and uses her cut-paper illustrations (Pelican Publishing Company). The song features Matt Perrine on sousaphone and "Washboard Chaz" Leary on-- you guessed it! Please click on the link below to view the video.

If you would like to purchase a copy of the book or an advance download of the song, please go to: https://www.johnetteandscott.com/store

You can also view the world premiere on GeekDad HERE!