How We Met

About 15 years ago, Johnette and Scott met at the Cutting Edge Music Conference in New Orleans. Scott, who was then Vice President of A&R at Rounder Records, was on a panel of music industry people, to whom musicians could anonymously submit songs for evaluation. Johnette had submitted her song, "Feliciana LeRoux." Scott listened to the song and was impressed with the writing, the performance and especially the singing (in fact, he fell in love with the voice of the singer on the spot). He said, "I know I'm not supposed to know who this is, but would the singer be willing to identify herself?"

Johnette was not going to raise her hand, but her friend Geri Goldstein, who had accompanied her to the conference, convinced her to do so. After the panel ended, Johnette and Scott talked, and discovered they had a mutual friend, with whom Scott was scheduled to have dinner that evening. On the spot, Scott invited Johnette to join them. After that, they remained long-distance friends for many years, getting together for friendly chats and lunches when Scott came to town to work. Finally, they realized that their place on earth was to be together as partners, making music and exploring the world together.

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