Swamp Romp Brings Mardi Gras to You Wherever You Are

Here’s a very cool review from the Cherry Blossoms blog, where you can enter to win a copy of Swamp Romp (click on the link below)! Johnette is pictured at The Rhythm Shack recording studio in New Orleans during sessions for the album.

How do you compose a love letter to a city as vibrant and diverse as that of New Orleans? How do you combine the centuries of cultures that create this amazing city? Certainly you couldn’t leave anything or anyone out. Honestly I wouldn’t even know where to start. Fortunately I have not been tasked with that. I would surely fail!

Johnette Downing‘s got a new album coming out, just in time to infuse Carnival celebrations into your new year. And it is such a love letter. Although instead of writing the letter to New Orleans, she has professed her love for the entire state of Louisiana. Swamp Romp combines styles of doo-wop, zydeco, rock ‘n’ roll, cajun, gospel, Caribbean, mambo, bamboula, and many other styles into one cohesive album about daily life and festivities. Like a good gumbo, everything blends and simmers creating a whole better than the individual ingredients.

If you’ve got Louisiana roots, you’ll love this album. However, Swamp Romp is just as relevant to the rest of us. You can use it to introduce your family to a new-to-you part of the world, either in advance of a trip or not. (I highly recommend listening to the music of the culture you’re about to visit in advance of a trip, it really helps the whole family immerse in the new place!) You can also use this album to talk about different musical styles, to introduce a new food, or even to add a little mardi gras fun to your winter. So if you’ll pass the king cake, I’ll set the album on repeat. We will party the day away.


Johnette Downing