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Swamp Romp | Johnette Downing with Scott Billington


Swamp Romp – A Louisiana Dance Party for Children

Move the furniture and roll up the rug, it’s time to romp in the swamp and boogie on the bayou. Johnette and Scott’s Swamp Romp concert is a rollicking ride through Louisiana roots music from Cajun, zydeco, traditional jazz, Isleño, swamp pop and New Orleans rhythm and blues. Children and families are immersed in Louisiana culture, traditions, cuisine and dance through interactive songs about Mardi Gras king cakes, New Orleans po’ boy sandwiches, the Bamboula rhythm, Isleño oxcarts, and how to spell Mississippi River. Simple words in French and Spanish are introduced, with translations. Activity packets are available for educators.

The concert is typically presented as a duo, but is also available as a trio or band upon request.

For performing arts centers or upon request, a slide-show presentation of Louisiana landscapes is included.

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